Would a Man Rob God?

Ask the preacher….he’s the expert on the subject…

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2 Responses to Would a Man Rob God?

  1. STLloyd says:

    You are a stone-cold hoot with all the stuff you have on this blog! There is a whole lot to make fun of about church, is there not? LOL I love those comedians that call people and hook them on a line and reel them in like that. And then make a cd with it. I picked one up at a truck stop once and laughed until I cried. Made the trip go by a lot faster. My favorite one was when they picked up the 800 number off of an eighteen wheeler and called the company. The woman pretended to be a distraught mother, and the operator who answered was a sweet-as-molasses southern belle. The mama said that one of their truckers was so sweet, that they had seen their family on the side of the road, all twelve of her kids and the husband and herself, with car trouble, and had given them all a ride to the next town, and since they have so many kids, they didn’t notice at first that all of them weren’t there when they got off the truck. So somewhere traveling across the state of Tennessee, was a kindly trucker who still had a kid (named booger) in the back of his truck and they didn’t even know which trucker it was. The trucking company operator was apoplectic in her concern and doing everything in her power to track down which truck this was, like a 911 dispatcher. It was so ludicrous and yet the prankster never broke character.

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