Homeless Man Shot and Killed by Cops

This homeless man was gunned down by cops for “illegally” camping in the foothills of Albuquerque, after a “standoff”.

It appeared to me from watching several of these videos the man pulled out a pocket knife when the K-9 cop released his police dog. The excuse of the ABQ PD was that the man was “armed”.

Seems to me, this guy wouldn’t have been much of a threat from that distance to the numerous cops drawing down on him with weapons containing live ammo, when he was only armed with a pocket knife.

It was said that the man died within minutes soon after being shot, (multiple times). From what I saw, there were several shots fired into the guy as he lay immobile on the ground, and even then, the cops continued to yell put your hands behind your back. Then the K-9 cop again released his dog that ran up and began gnawing and shaking the immobile mans leg. Just for practice I suppose. Overkill much?

This entire episode and it’s tragic end could have, and should have been avoided. One of the major escalating problems in the United States is the growing belligerance of the police toward the average citizen, and most especially, their disregard for the homeless and disenfranchised. I wonder if these cops, (I hesitate to call them policemen), considered the homeless man disposible and that he was less worthy of living than others because of his homelessness.

It was reported that the man had a history of mental illness and violence. Did that make killing him….from a safe distance, more excusable? In any case, I would wager that tidbit wasn’t brought out until afer the fact.

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5 Responses to Homeless Man Shot and Killed by Cops

  1. joecruzmn says:

    This video was truly horrific

    • It was horrific, and totally uncalled for. That homeless man was already helpless and at their mercy.The Police Chief said his killing was “justified”.I’d like to know how he figures that? So, they were supposed be using rubber, or no kill bullets? Really, then how come the poor man was dead….within minutes. This whole thing stinks to high heaven. I hope every one of these cops are fully called to account and relieved of their duties, and charged with this crime. Their badge doesn’t give them a license to kill unlawfully or immorally. If that had been a regular citizen that killed this man, they’d be charged with murder, which it actually was.
      The saying, “Hiding behind a badge”, applies to this murder.
      fact is, that there is a growing tread of police authoritarianism and brutality in this country, that aeems to be a direct attempt to intimidate and get Americans used to being controlled like animals.
      We are supposed to be living under the US Constitution and Bill of Rights after all.

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  3. Mary Ann chestnut says:

    I think these cops should be shot themselves for shooting this poor homless man who was probably widdleing on a stick when they walked up! Did you see how scared those cops where? They hire these scared little cops that got picked on when they were in school and somone jumps and they shoot! Cops should have to prove a whole lot including mental exams and puss exams!

    • I agree Mary Ann. These cops, who were in no danger whatever, did seem to be acting like they were being threatened by this poor man. On the other hand, it may have been they were just “twitching”, looking for an excuse to open fire.
      Either way, they need to have their badges taken away, and prosecuted. They were sworn in to obey the Constitution of the United States, and to PROTECT the citizens of America. This man, through whatever unfortunately circumstances was a citizen. That said, there is something drastically wrong with our country to allow this sort of police state brutality to take root, and become the status quo, “rule of law” by illegal means. We need to vigorously start PROTESTING, and giving voice against this. Otherwise, we’re all doomed.

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