Police State Amerika

We let it happen. Right under our noses, while we were not paying attention. While we pursued the ‘American Dream”; the good life.
We watched the evening news and believed the lies, the propaganda that has worked so well in other times, places, regimes. Goverments that later became totalitarian dictatorships. Brutal. Cruel. Without mercy.
We were like children believing that Big Brother would take care of us, and keep us safe.
We laughed at the Germans. They were fools that should have seen it coming. We were smarter….or so we thought.
After all, our Big Brother was kind and benevolent, wasn’t he?And we lived in the safest country in the world. We were called the world’s Superpower. No one could touch us, or harm us. No one.
But then….
9/11. How dare those terrorists attack our safe and beloved country? We are above being attacked. Our Big Brother will smite them. He called them evil doers, worthy of destruction. We believed him. We all agreed our beloved Big Brother will make them pay for what they did. We trusted him to do that.
He told us he must now take extra precautions to keep us safe. And we believed him because he had always been our best friend and protecter. We could trust him to know what was best.
And so…
He drew up papers and documents to protect us, and we knew it was for our own good and safety. Because, as he often reminded us, there was always the fear that it could happen again.
He called the papers Patriot Act 1 and Patriot Act 2.It sounded OK because he was a true patriot, right? And that is a good thing to be.
And then there were other things he did to make sure no one could harm us the way they did before, so he arranged at the airports for everyone to be carefully checked out. We didn’t mind. It was worth it because it made us feel secure. And that security gave us peace of mind.
So, when our Big Brother smote the evil doers and it was all shown on TV, we got out our snacks and watched safely in our homes. There seemed to be nothing that could stop him. That will teach them to attack us, and think they could get away with it.
And so, here we are now…
Things have sure changed from the way they used to be. But I guess it will be OK if drones have to fly over the cities, if it will keep us safe from harm. At least that’s what Big Brother told us.
They say, he is building special camps, in case that something really bad should happen and we will go there to be taken care of, fed and protected.
That is very reasuring……don’t you think?

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