You Are What You Eat: Even If You Don’t Know What You Are Eating

The Conservative Patriot

Image Can we no longer trust the government, other countries, USA food industries, to provide us with facts, knowledge and healthy choices to our diets? Well, it seems we can’t.

I am not a health food fanatic (My apologies to those who are for using the term “fanatic”). Pizza and Twinkies are on my menu more often than not. This isn’t to say don’t enjoy good foods too. However, what I eat is my choice, not the governments, for now. Although, the government is in the food itself. We really do not know the specifics of many things we eat. Where does it come from? Do we really want to know what is in something we eat? With that said, something new is about to hit your dinner table. Oh, did I mention you will have Barak Obama to thank for it? Well, you do.

What would you say if I…

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