Rotten man and child in chains

News that matters

Vatican priests who have done this have blood on their hands and a heart of stone.

This chapel is made by a priesthood of perverts with a Pope as their leader.

This image is taken from Capela dos Ossos in Portugal. This Holy Roman Catholic site is located in the city of Évora 130 kilometer south of Lisbon. In plain English “Capela dos Ossos”  should be translated Chapel of Bones.  The Chapel is located next to the entrance of the Church of St. Francis.

The dead Messiah of Rome hanging on the wall among skulls and bones.

At the entrance of the Capela dos Ossos it is written in Portuguese:  Nós ossos que aqui estamos pelos vossos esperamos (“We bones, lying here bare, are awaiting your’s).

The walls of this chapel is strengthen with thousands of human bones and skulls.

Revelation 17:6
I saw that the woman was drunk with…

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