Islamization in Obamanation-Crisis Point

Published on Jan 8, 2015

What follows is the dark corner of the reality known as Islamization. A radicalized progression whereby all countries on the face of the Earth are intended to be under Sharia Law. In light of the events in Paris, these clips speak for themselves.………

Folks, I’ve been scratching my head wondering what it is about Islam that the politically correct limp wristed politicos and the majority of the American public don’t understand. If they had ANY inkling of what Islam and it’s agenda is all about, they might just be forced to grow a spine, and come out of denial about the so-called “religion of peace”. The Islamic agenda, in case you didn’t know, is world wide domination under Sharia Law, and either killing or bringing under harsh subjection ALL unbelievers. That would be YOU AND YOUR KIDS, if you’re not a Muslim.

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