CIA Secret Wars: Agent Exposes Assassinations, Black Ops, Conspiracies, Torture-Meet the New Boss Same as the Old Boss

The Tolerance of the American People is Being Tested, as to How Much They are Willing to Put up With.

It’s a historical fact. In past administrations, when the American people got a bellyful and pissed off enough and stood up to the government, the government backed off. They will do it again, when you, as an American join your fellow Americans and say enough is enough!

Hang in there on the intro…this is one powerful expose by John Stockwell, the former CIA director of Operations back in the Reagan/Bush days. You may be asking why you should watch something “this old” when there are such pressing issues in the current news. To answer that, it’s because it confirms what’s been going on more recently. There is a definite progression, a pattern in what the government is slowly introducing to test the tolerance of the American people.

To be sure, the machinations of the CIA, it’s intrigues and covert operations have been going on for a very long time, anyone who’ve been paying attention understands that it’s become increasingly and uncomfortably worse with each passing year and each consecutive administration.

Many Americans are not aware of the CIA’s track record of training and introducing death squads into targeted third world countries to destabilize these basically poor and helpless countries in order to serve US interests. These are on record in case you care to check it out.

Many Americans feel the government has become so powerful it can no longer be controlled by the people, and has taken on a life of it’s own.
The reason for that to be “almost” true is because Americans have become lazy, and too trusting, and simply haven’t been paying attention to what’s been going on right under their noses. We won’t go into all the many reasons for this here, but to be sure, it’s a very clear and present danger that we are now facing.

It’s time to get pissed, very pissed, and let it be known to the government that be that we’re not going to take it anymore.

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