Catholics are Being Scammed

The Vatican EXPOSED! Catholicism – Crisis of Faith

Trying to reconcile Catholic Traditions and Doctrines with the scriptures in the bible, is impossible. It can’t be done. The Catholic Church and it’s doctrines do not trump the Holy Scriptures, upon which Christianity is based on. This is a simple but profound truth that can’t be brushed aside.

Do not be deceived by the “pomp and circumstance”; appearance of holiness and awe of the Catholic Church. Do you TRULY want to trust your eternal destiny to what the church has taught you? Take the simple challenge and begin studying your bible with a desire to find the Truth of God.

I hope you’ll view the video. It explains scripturally why the Catholic church has and is deceiving millions of well meaning people and keeping them in the dark and away from the Truth of Christ.

I am not espousing a Protestant point of view, but rather biblical truths. By studying the bible, which is available to almost everyone on the planet, the Truth becomes obvious and alive.

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