The Biggest Vatican Secret Revealed!

With renewed vigor, the Roman Catholic Church is escalating it’s already powerful influence to an extent never before imagined. Everywhere I look in the media, Pope Francis is insinuating himself in the world, as if he has a right to do so. He doesn’t.

I’ve felt an urgency to begin posting a series of articles and videos exposing THE LIE that is the Roman Catholic Church, it’s Pope, (the fake Christ), and it’s ignominious and bloody past.

My most fervent hope and prayer is that the indoctrinated Catholic people will begin to open their eyes to the truth of Jesus Christ and the Pure and Holy Gospel, and run from the BONDAGE of the Catholic Church like their hair was on fire before it’s too late.

Catholics are not encouraged by the RCC to read the Bible. Why is that? Frankly, because if they entered into a serious study of the Bible, they would soon discover they have been following a lie, a false gospel and devoting themselves to a FALSE CHURCH.

Catholics say their church must be the true church because it’s the oldest church….that’s not true. The Early Primitive Church in Acts Chapter 2 is the one Jesus Christ established. The Catholic Church has usurped that pure and holy church and perverted it. That the RCC is the “oldest” church in existence is due in part to the over 600 yrs of bloody Inquisition and Persecution of anyone who disagreed with it.

Hosea 4: 6 (KJV) “My people perish from a lack of knowledge”

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