Obama the Muslim-in His Own Words

This video will SETTLE the issue. Remember when he and his campaign DENIED his Muslim connection? Remember when using his middle name was forbidden in the campaign for fear that it might emphasize his Muslim roots? This film tells a different story.

Hear Obama proclaim his Muslim heritage, faith, knowledge of the Koran – his love for Islam – his quoting of the Koran. Hear him proclaim that the USA is NOT a Christian nation. Hear him and see him as he extols the wonderful virtues of the Muslim faith and the Muslim impact upon the “beautiful” things of the world. (Something he has NEVER done concerning the USA or the Christian faith.) Watch it till the end for a rather dramatic and shocking conclusion.

NOTE TO OBAMAMANIACS – Yes – I KNOW he was often speaking to Muslim countries and was just “being polite.” I UNDERSTAND that – that is the POINT of the film. He said ONE THING to the USA when he was running and now says ANOTHER thing to the Muslim world. But, wait, what does he say?
1. He has strong Muslim heritage and ties
2. The Koran is a “beautiful” book
3. Islam is a “beautiful” religion
4. Islam has made many “wonderful” contributions to society
5. We are NOT at war with Islam.
6. America is NOT a Christian nation.

ALL of these things he either DENIED or played down during his campaign. This film simply proves BHO to be a LIAR. It is plain and simple.

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