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Jade Helm-the Reality: It’s Not a Drill

Jade Helm…have you heard about it? The official narrative is that it consists of “drills” or simple military “exercises” by the military, within selected states. Not true. Well, you can scarcely believe anything coming from the government these days, but … Continue reading

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Feds Preparing to Deal with “Hostile” States

Feds getting ready to deal with hostile states, Texas, Utah and more by planning major psyops in these states. Don’t get sucked into the notion this is all about “keeping you safe”. It isn’t.

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Special OPs in Ferguson

Don’t you just love the way Americans are being “protected”? Amazing how the majority of Americans think so.

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Lies and Propaganda: Agenda for US and Global Enslavement

Yes indeed, there have been lies and progaganda to deceive the American people concerning the governments true agenda. The ultimate agenda is the plan for total world domination. That plan is outlined in the PNAC Document. The PNAC document is … Continue reading

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